Sprayvit is the No.1 Vitamin Spray product in the U.S.A. Based in Phoenix, Arizona

Sprayvit initially had a Shopify site for their online ecommerce operations, but were looking for more customisation not available within Shopify, so the 777power team moved them to a wordpress environment.

Sprayvit has an amazing product and its benefits and features needed to be communicated strongly to the consumer. Our priority was to create a site that focused on those benefits in a simple, clean format that urged the customer to action.

To achieve this, we focused on the importance of the high quality ingredients and and then proceeded into a custom visual animated graphic to show the benefit of using an oral spray over traditional delivery methods. This visual progression has helped to give the Sprayvit customer confidence in the using the Sprayvit oral sprays.

Another standout growth strategy that has lead to more profit per order, is the discount for order quantity feature. Customers are given the option to purchase multiple quantities of the same product and they are offered a quantity discount as an encouragement. This strategy has lead to average order amounts doubling and increased profits found through the savings on postage when shipping in bulk rather than singular.

Client: Sprayvit

Category: Ecommerce Website

Date: March 2016

Video Banners

Video (click through) banners have worked well to portray the lifestyle message which is important to linking the visitor emotions with the product.

Bulk Purchasing

Encourages the buyer to purchase in bulk to unlock savings. Has increased the average order amount by a minimum of 100%.

Payment Integrations

Customers can purchase using a credit card or Paypal. All payment processing is completed on Sprayvit, so there is no going off to another site to complete payment. Advantage is more professional and less cancelled checkouts.

Exceeding Customer Expectations

Once the customer order is shipped, they are not expected to track themselves. At Sprayvit we provide the customers with automatic updates of delivery status by pulling in delivery updates from the shipping companies and automatically emailing these updates to the customer, using a third-party software application.