A Global Membership Site

Eternal Memorial offers its members the ability to create online memorial’s for loved ones that have passed on, and then share them with family and friends via social media or email. Currently their are six independent but interconnected sites in six countries.

We had to create a fully custom site and software to give members the tools to create their own memorials and also have full admin privileges over them as well. Security, privacy and scalability were all high on the list of objectives and the team at 777power were able to exceed the client’s expectations.

Client: Eternal Memorial

Category: Membership Website

Date: March 2018

Unlimited Image Uploads

We store and transfer virtually unlimited amounts of data by integrating with Amazon’s redundant cloud service. It gives the site scaleability and security.

Member Privileges

Members have the ability to manage and edit their memorials, approve or disapprove tributes or condolences, make memorials public or private, internally message or friend other members and much more.

Image Optimisation

As members can upload images up to 5mb we utilise image compression to automatically optimise all image uploads but without losing quality. This increases site speed and gives an enhanced user experience.

Memorial QR Code

Each memorial owner can generate a unique QR code for their memorial which is presented in a templated form to be printed. They can then attach the QR code at the gravesite, linking the online memorial to the grave.