Ecommerce Drop-Ship takes over the no.1 spot

Empowered Auto Parts (EAP) is a great success story. Starting from absolutely ground zero, EAP are now the no.1 retailer and dealer of RDA Brake parts in Australia. In three years EAP has exprerienced phenomonal growth in what is a super competitive market. 777power has been with EAP since Day 1 and continues to help guide and support their online business which now involves multiple online channels.

Starting with only an idea and a desire to sell online, 777power was asked to help design and implement a very basic ecommerce site which was integrated with eBay.  777power also gave the EAP team Advanced eBay training and selling strategies to help them take on the existing competition which were already well established online.

With an initial focus on eBay, EAP first analysed the competition and the needs of the consumer, and then took those results and formulated a solid foundation based on excellent customer service, efficient order processing and superfast delivery. This was communicated in the branding and product descriptions and was later verified by positive customer feedback.

Today EAP is a multi-million dollar business and the market leader in their respective product niche.

Client: Empowered Auto Parts

Category: Ecommerce

Date: 1/6/2015/ – Current

Product Images

To gain an advantage on eBay’s search results – 777power designed an image template that included branding and sale badges together with crisp product images. This captures the attention of the consumer and boosts click through and sales.


Offering FREE shipping with an attached rates table made it possible to qualify for eBay’s search promotion but also enabled fair shipping prices to different destinations across Australia.

Neto and eBay

With a high-volume of customer product and support questions, third party software integrations have proved invaluable in ensuring consistent response times and transparency across the organisation.

Intranet Training Hub

To communicate business goals, training and staff updates, 777power introduced a cloud based training hub for EAP staff to ensure the consistent and organised flow of company information.