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Ebay training

Ebay training

Let us show you how to build a sucessful internet business. It all starts with learning to compete on ebay - the Largest Marketplace on the Planet! arn how to build a successful ebay business. The 777power training courses have been designed to give you all the tools and knowledge to make you an online selling Pro - a PowerSeller. Save Time, Save Money and Fast Track your Success. There are two training courses available; Basic Training and Powerseller Course.

1-0n-1 ebay Training Pricing:

Per Hour Rate - $85 (online Only)
1/2 Day (3 Hours) - $250 onsite / $175 online
FREE BONUS - 777power "real" ebay Case Studies x 7 (1. Account Suspended...Prove it / 2. The Good the Bad and Just Plain Ugly. / 3. Competition is Killing me. / 4. The Postage Dilemma - Free or Charge? / 5. I Got Ripped Off by the Customer / 6. Purchased on ebay & Resold for a Profit / 7. Sell Loads of Stock Fast!)



Learn the Basics to selling online. If you have never sold a thing online and would like to learn how to get started - then this Basics training course is for you. It can be 1-on-1 or in small group setting (max 5) or online via Goto Meeting. You can select certain aspects of the course and focus on what you need the most – or complete the entire course. The Basic course contains the following components:

Topics covered in Basic Training. Note: This course is flexible to your requirements - you can elect to study what is relevant to you or go through the entire course.

Module 1 Getting Started on eBay
- Setting up an Account
- Researching the eBay Marketplace
- Overview of Creating an eBay Listing

Module 2 Enhanced Listings
- Photos and Product Images
- Basic Listing an Pricing Strategies
- Payment Options
- Listing or a World-Wide Audience

Module 3 Detailed Listings
- Putting It All Together..Good & Poor Listings
- Pro Descriptions that Sell
- Listing Enhancements
- Shipping Options & Best Practice

Module 4 Completing the Sale
- Monitoring the Sale
- Sold...Now What
- Feedback - its to Your Advantage



Become a successful ebay Powerseller. Whether you want to create another sales channel for your products or establish a thriving ebay business - then this Powerseller training course is for you. It can be 1-on-1 or in small group setting or online via Goto Meeting. You can select certain aspects of the course and focus on what you need the most. This course will give you the necessary knowledge to become a success; all that is required on your part is Action.

Module 1 Build/Grow your eBay Business
- Laying a foundation for future success
- Become an efficient eBay seller
- Structuring your ebay business to meet your goals
- Harnessing the Power of Leverage

Module 2 Finding Product / Market Trends
- ebay compliance
- sourcing merchandise
- how to know what’s hot on ebay
- niche opportunities

Module 3 Strategies for Success
- Professional Listing Techniques and Tools
- Pricing Strategies
- Selling Internationally
- Open your own ebay store plus website

Module 4 Automating your Business
- Automating Key Communications
- Maintaining Healthy Feedback
- Best Of Breed Automation Tools
- Grow Your Business and Have a Life

Module 5 Guerilla Marketing
- Facebook and ebay Integration
- ebay Search Marketing
- Marketing by Design
- Creating Store Promotions
- Traditional vs Online Marketing Techniques

Module 6 Customer Satisfaction
- Postage…very important to get it Right
- How to Avoid Negative Feedback
- Understanding your Buyer
- Dealing with Enemy Buyer#1

Module 7 Business Re-Review
- Review Progress and Restructure
- Highlight and Celebrate Accomplishments
- Turn Your Knowledge into Action
- Coaching Program

Your Trainer 
BrentBrent is a qualified ebay trainer since 2006 trained by eBay University and an experienced ebay seller. Brent has been selling on ebay for 10years and has served 1000’s of customers worldwide. He has a track record of success, he has built a successful ebay business which he sold in 2011. Today he maintains an ebay store – is a current Powerseller / Topseller with 100% feedback. Brent is also a Microsoft Certified Professional. His passion is to equip others to succeed online.

 Contact us NOW to book your training. Please provide some background on your ebay experience or current ebay account. If you have any questions regarding course content please don't hesitate to ask.


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